Chennai, India

Chennai you have been beautiful. I found a piece of myself in you and I am leaving behind one. I have fallen in love with your beaches. It started by dipping my toes in the refreshing waters. In your ocean further, I felt the sand beneath my feet moving away with the waves and I... Continue Reading →


World of Predators

She never said it out loud but she admired the way wolves ran in packs. A certain bond and respect they shared appealed to her. But she also admired the Jaguars for their solitary nature. A certain kind of tranquillity and serenity experienced with solitary existence appealed to her. So there were two sides to... Continue Reading →


Wind rushing through your hair, a beautiful horizon and the roaring noise of the ferry's engine - funnily seems soothing. If you have ever sat on a ferry alone and literally introspected life on a ferry, moving across the river, you'd relate to the feelings. And if you haven't I urge you to do so,... Continue Reading →

Two Sides

But when all is said and done, I find myself surrounded by darkness, inhibited by it. I am no longer a happy face, warm hug, a familiar neighbour or a soft handshake. It's an alternate me, which takes on the back of my mind when I take over the world; sets out in the darkness,... Continue Reading →

Humane human.

We never crossed paths for a year even when we were just across the corridor or a few feet away. So unaware of each other’s existence. It’s just now I realise that I needed to grow as an individual to understand, treasure and value you. I had switched cities, a new school and an entirely... Continue Reading →


Words left unspoken. The thoughts of love, forever lost and pain proliferating; paving its way into the depths of my soul. The world around; a standstill. Myself being the only witness to the agonies, soul burning in the deepest depths of brutal beatings. The edge nowhere to be seen and I find myself in the... Continue Reading →


      The number stayed the same but an addition and a loss of one kept going on, but those eyes never left the hunger of knowing what freedom tasted like.                                              ... Continue Reading →


In hours of pure silence; the darkness that resides within, comes out to slink unenclosed. It gambols upon the rocky abyss of my soul and mocks the myriad images which bear witness to my adversity. Working through the hours of solitude, indelibly resides itself within the deepest corners of my quiddity.  Leaping above the quivering... Continue Reading →

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