Hello folks.

My name is Pragya, I really loved the meaning behind bird of passage hence, the name of the blog. I am currently pursuing my graduation but all I want to do in life is travel. It’s beautiful how a person can find herself or himself on the journeys across the places on this globe. I love photography and I am still learning to handle my DSLR all the while hoping to be an expert at it. I occasionally write too. Now, the blog won’t be focusing on just the photography related things but also I’d be sharing my own writings too. I have no idea how good they are; both the writings and photographs, but I hope you ┬álike them. In case of any suggestions please free to comment and share your thoughts. All the pictures on the blog will majorly be my clicks. If the clicks are not mine, I’ll personally add a side note posing credits to the owner of the photograph or from wherever the photograph has been obtained.

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