He always had a divergent view of things. While he was colourless to himself he was a mystery for others. Being different, having different thoughts made him drift away from people around. He enjoyed his solitude, but at the same time he wanted someone to dig out his heart long buried inside. He never opened... Continue Reading →


Things happen, life gets messed up, people come and go: you are stranded on the path full of battles and struggles. Instances like these are what changes a person, shapes him or her in what he or she is today. Such times make it hard for a person to cope up and catch up the... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, all that you want is to leave your body and flesh behind, reach out to the soul and relieve yourself from the cage you have built around yourself. A cage to keep your distance from the maddening crowd.


I fall in love with every trip I take, because the places I go speak through things, that you can never imagine. The mountains speak about their adventures. The river speaks through the pebbles on its shore. The clouds speak about the storms they have created. The valleys speaks about the hundreds and thousands of... Continue Reading →

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