Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India. Mcleodganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. A place which is popularly known as "Little Lhasa" because of its large population of Tibetans. The winds and streets of this town are filled with peace and tranquillity. Serenity wafts amidst the valleys; the winding roads surrounded by... Continue Reading →



Who are we to use forever when we ourselves are ticking bombs of death. For every breath we take, we come closer to an even more transient self. So forever seems to be a huge word for a mortal, the word carrying a fervent significance nevertheless. 

Moving on.

Leaving people behind is one thing we all find hard to endure. But we always forget, once the pain is over and once we have dealt with it strongly, we can always move ahead without a single drop of tear for it changes us. And well good memories never die, do they? We eventually learn to... Continue Reading →


Textures, made out of long hours of work, purity, accuracy, imagination. It holds within itself the sole dream of a person long gone in the wind. The hours of hard work of a person who probably died halfway through the work ; eyes filled with dreams of seeing it complete. The art that makes each... Continue Reading →


I left my heart somewhere in the middle of my journey. It roams amidst the beautiful skies, the water of the rivers. It travels around rhythmically with the sound of chirping birds amidst the tranquillity of the valleys. I left it there and came back to my mundane life. And I know for a fact, I... Continue Reading →


This rain reminds me of you my friend. As it pitter patters against the windowpane, I go back to our days of adolescence. I fondly remember the day I stayed at your place and how strongly it had rained. In the innocence of our adolescence we had hurriedly ran and swiftly landed in the pool... Continue Reading →


The breath of fresh air was so rousing that she never felt like leaving the place and going back to her world of concrete jungles. This happened every time she visited a new surrounding. She kept on leaving behind pieces of herself in those places and replacing them with the new ones. A habit she... Continue Reading →

Nothing to lose.

A woman. An individual in herself. Suppressed for so long; tainted by the evils of the society. An ever changing specie, she'll even die for the benefit of her fellow comrades. Nothing to lose, so much to gain. So I dare you, I dare you to stand against her. For it's been years since she last... Continue Reading →


There are these moments in life when you just want to leave everything behind and run away. When you want to forget all the muddles and hassles of life. In that moment you need to get up and find yourself all over again. Choose a place, go to it, take the road, explore. There's power... Continue Reading →

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