I left my heart somewhere in the middle of my journey. It roams amidst the beautiful skies, the water of the rivers.
It travels around rhythmically with the sound of chirping birds amidst the tranquillity of the valleys.

I left it there and came back to my mundane life.

And I know for a fact, I am at peace for now; I can still hear the birds chirping, the river talking and still remember the exact hues of green in the valley.

But I am also aware of a near future, one where I’ll crave for it all over again. The hunger rising like an addiction forming and in that moment I’ll set out to find my heart and lose it in the same moment all over again.


6 thoughts on “Addiction.

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      1. In that case, I’d like to add that not every individual is the same or for that matter girls. So, yeah like I said I am just fine. Thank you, though. It was nice hearing from you. 🌸


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