This rain reminds me of you my friend.

As it pitter patters against the windowpane, I go back to our days of adolescence. I fondly remember the day I stayed at your place and how strongly it had rained. In the innocence of our adolescence we had hurriedly ran and swiftly landed in the pool of muddy water, thoroughly enjoying the joy of draining each other with dirt.

I also remember our sudden realization of being surrounded by those tiny muddy creatures. The dread that had swept in our hearts upon stepping on them and taking their lives, at the same time being grossed out about the fact that how squishy they were. Somewhere between adolescence and the last teenage years we grew up. Still, let me remind you my friend this very heart remembers each and every moment we have shared; the sorrows, the similarities and the differences.

It’s a fact of life that we grow up, change and move on; the memories remain, they also give us strength and in this strength I find myself searching for you again on this day of monsoon. Even though we have distanced in the past years, I still go back to that fortunate day and remember you. And I say this gladly that I will always remember you, always.


P.s. the featured image belongs to a friend of mine.



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