He always had a divergent view of things.

While he was colourless to himself he was a mystery for others.

Being different, having different thoughts made him drift away from people around.
He enjoyed his solitude, but at the same time he wanted someone to dig out his heart long buried inside.
He never opened up to anyone, yet it was a site of amazement for him, seeing how people could effortlessly interact to an unfamiliar person.
He was an ear to everybody’s problems but at the same time judging others was out of the window for him.
He didn’t know how to attend to a person who has hit the rock bottom.
His choice of music was totally out of the world, he was shy of showing it to others.
He would sometimes randomly speak up loud without thinking through and then it would take hours for him to get it out of his head- for it was never meant to happen.
He had something about him that appealed people and people had something about them that appealed him.
He could sit for hours together to observe people around.
It’s just that people were various characters for him and this world his never ending book.

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